The Chipper Corvid

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About the artist

Seres Hofundur

Seres creates high fantasy imagery, sculptures, convention fare etc. in their home studio located in Lancaster, PA. 

Their work consists of heavy themes questioning gender identity, sexuality and sometimes can consist of "quirky" or "humorous" characters and a plethora of media. 


About the shop

Seres Hofundur's "The Chipper Corvid" is an online art shop composed of convention fare as well as original pieces of art work for sale. 
If interested in a commission please contact me with your idea for a quote and time line for a custom made piece of art!


Want to get deals by becoming a Patreon?

My patreons get first access to new items and discounts for them. Patreons will also receive monthly downloadable phone backgrounds, looks into my sketched and process, time lapse videos etc. 

starting at $1

(must be 18+ to be on my patreon)


Weren't you on Etsy?

Yes! I left Etsy to better control the experience my customers are receiving. and provide them with better deals.


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